Welcome to the “The Business case for Web Standards” Wiki.

I thought it a good idea to set up a wiki to collect information on this topic as there are a lot of presentations written about it but all differ in approach and content and collating all these great ideas can help us form a solid approach to selling web standards to the business.


The first problem I realized is that a lot of presentations start from the premise that the person we are trying to convince knows and is interested in web standards. This might not be the case, therefore I am thinking that we need to approach the sale with the premise that we need to solve the issues the person has and find the solutions web standards provide that relate to these.

I’ve structured the wiki that way that we can collate arguments and counterarguments and sort them into the different categories of who we want to sell them to. Over time this can help you come up with presentational material targeted to the right audience.

I hope this works out and I won’t be forced to delete this because there is no participation or just spam.

Chris Heilmann